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For every laugh and every tear that appeared on a movie screen
There is only one talent in the world to be crowned a queen.
Because of all the support and love given from adoring fans
The silence in theater was broken by the roar of clapping hands.
On the screen is where she eventually built her fame
But it was behind the scenes where pain slowly killed her name.

With a mother who was not as sweet as she could be
She lived an insecure life as you can plainly see.
Her father was the one thing she cherished in her life
She hid from the pain caused from his death by becoming someone's wife
Her sisters were not as close as she wanted them to be
The endless limit of her talent is what made them angry.

She wanted nothing more to life than just to sing and dance
Or to play the role in a film of the boys' love and romance.
At her prime she was the greatest in the studio
The only one above her was the lion, Leo.
As time went on her fame spread quickly around the world
Her problems grew and so did she for she was no longer a little girl.

When her film days suddenly came to an end,
She brought Vaudeville back to the Palace and Palladium.
When she died it was a shock that broke millions of fans' hearts
But they remember the rainbow was a symbol which gave her her start.
She was a star that shine greatly at the studio MGM
She is known as Judy Garland a.k.a. Frances Ethel Gumm.
                                                        By, Sarah


Judy was so much more than her image on the screen. Viewing her performances, I can feel the emotion of her voice and expression. It's an unforgettable experience. I tried to sum up these thoughts once and this is the least I could do to describe the essence of Judy Garland:

First of all, her singing is not of this world. Her voice seemed to resemble heavenly bells of crystal, perfectly toned with a soothing vibrato, the voice of an angel. It had a quality all it's own that still stands out today. She had the ability to melt anyone's heart with one look of eyes. What I love best about Judy: Her infectious smile and laughter, and how her big, beautiful brown eyes could convey every emotion possible, inviting others to share her feelings. And she always let us know how she felt. One word that would describe her - EMOTION, pure and simple. She always brings joy to my soul when I simply see her on my TV screen because she is Judy. She was beautiful and still is in voice, song, film, and personality. She is one that will live forever in my heart. I often wondered how she can be so BELIEVABLE in what she does. When she laughs or cries, it's so sincere that I do not doubt for one moment that she is not feeling, believing, and living out the emotion of whatever character she portrayed. Every character was JUDY and nothing else. How could such a century, especially one embroiled in a world war, deserve to have such a soul enter their world through song and happiness and encouragement to move on. After all, "if happy little bluebirds fly, over the rainbow, why can't I?" Why can't we all? That is what I feel. That's Judy.

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