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The Lioness Roars....

What can I say? I must say that I am a complex personality, for many years I have wondered just who I really was. It's taken 21 years for me to realize that I am not a simple person at all. Sometimes I am so complicated, that I don't even understand why I feel the way I do. I have had a full, interesting life. An idyllic childhood, a traumatic adolescence, and am now at the point of facing young adulthood. It will be a very exciting and thrilling experience. Especially now, that I am figuring myself out. :)

I guess I'll start off with the basics!

Name: Leanne
D.O.B.: August 3, 1976
Astrolgical sign: Leo (and it suits me very well)
Things I like to do: read non fiction, work on the computer, write letters, express myself, draw, daydream, go online and talk, listen to friends, write fiction, make scrapbooks.
Things I collect: Disneyana, autographs, Judy Garland memoribilia, old pop culture items, Lynn Johnston comics, videos, and pictures of people.
Word or phrase I overuse: "I have to check my E-mail!"
Little known talent I possess: I can touch my nose with my tongue! I can also write with both hands, and mirror write in cursive! I am left handed, and have a sixth sense, although very mild.
Song that couldn't be improved upon: "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" and "Little Drops of Rain".
Special awards I have won: Second place in a Young Writer's contest, Art award, church medallions, certificates for writing. A poster contest about dentistry when I was in third grade.
Future goals: To break my shyness.
Religion: Christian
Church: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Fave Color: Blue and Black :)
Fave Food: Chinese food and chocolate milk - what a heavenly combination.
Least favorite food: Grapefruit and fish.
Favorite Actors: Tom Hanks and Gene Kelly.
Favorite Actresses: Judy Garland, Sally Field, and Lucille Ball.
Favorite Movies: Judy's films, Disney animated films, Twister, The Long, Long Trailer, A Christmas Carol, Presenting Lily Mars, A Hard Day's Night.
Fave Animals: cats (Bubbles), baby seals and newborn animals just melt my heart. Animals are my favorite people! ;)
Fave TV show: The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Little House on the Prarie, Duck Tales, X-Files, Dateline.
Fave Day: Friday nights.
Fave Month: December
Fave Holiday: Christmas
Fave Part of the Newpaper: the comic strips.

Check out my personality profile. It basically describes ME, more or less.

I've been acquainted with new friends.