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Favorite Films!

When you think Judy Garland, I bet you would expect me to admit that my favorite films were "The Wizard of Oz", "Meet Me in St. Louis" or "A Star is Born". Well, those are great movie classics, but my goal here is expose some of Judy's lesser known film roles. I would rather watch these movies then "Oz"! Check them out!


This movie is great! Judy plays a mother/daughter role in this adaption of the Broadway play. This is the only movie where Judy plays a death scene. The story essentially focuses on Little Nellie Kelly's attempt to reconcile her father and grandfather after her mother (also played by Judy) died in childbirth. I love the songs here! There are two versions of "Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow", "It's a Great Day for the Irish" which is performed in an awesome parade scene, and "Singin' in the Rain". The movie takes place in two time periods, in Ireland when Nellie marries Jerry Kelly, much to the anger of her father, Michael Noonan. Her father is so against Jerry, that he refuses to speak to him. However, they migrate to America and continue to live in unhappiness. The second half deals with the attempts of Little Nellie (the daughter of Nellie and Jerry) to bring her father and grandfather back on peaceful terms. I LOVE Judy's performance here. She is so pretty and charming in this film. I love her adventures with her suitor, Dennis Fogarty, she has no idea about romance, it's very amusing! :) My favorite scene is a very basic one, she is hinting to her grandfather about taking him to a new job, (him having no clue!) and the conversation is so funny. Judy's cute expressions are priceless. I also love the birthday party, the dance and the horse carriage ride. If you listen to the dialogue, you are guaranteed for a laugh! I really recommend this film for a great introduction to the young Judy Garland, fresh out of her role from "Oz".

Favorite Lines: "But one little candle stays lit and I won't get my wish!"
"I hope we'll always have... horses."
"You know, it always seems like cabbies are the same ones... they never seem to get any older looking!"
Favorite Songs: "Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow"
"It's A Great Day for the Irish"


Another great musical. It's like a Broadway show captured on film! Judy plays young Penny Morris who wants to be a star on the stage and with the help of Tommy Williams, (Mickey Rooney) she begins her climb. The basic story is sort of cheesy about Tommy and Penny trying to get some orphans out to the country! But I love this film because Judy amd Mickey have a certain onscreen chemistry together. Watch the "How About You" number! Judy is a master at grabbing my attention during this song. I don't know what it is, the way she moves her eyes, which are quite expressive, or her countenence. (At the time of filming, she was madly in love with her first husband.) Dancing on tabletops, cartwheels by Mickey and balancing dictionaries on one's head, it's quite an unusual entertaining musical number. Again, Judy looks beautiful, and makes me wonder why those other MGM stars were said to be more "glamorous". Judy has a natural glow in this film. The other songs and numbers in this film include "Chin Up, Cheerio, Carry On!", and "FDR Jones". Oh and how could I forget "Hoe Down"?? It's unforgettable, and that Ray McDonald can sure dance! :) Babes on Broadway is my favorite Mickey/Judy musical, although the other three films are just as entertaining. Judy's performance is simply mesmerizing in this movie, her voice is in great shape and she is so natural in her role. (Who's acting? :) My favorite scene is when Mickey first meets Judy in the drugstore (I won't give any hints, but its' such a funny scene) and "How About You". I'll let you find out why for yourself. You don't want to miss this fine and all round fun musical romp.

Favorite Lines: "I don't think I like you!!"
"Life begins at half past one."
Favorite Songs: "How About You"
"Hoe Down"


Okay, this is not only my favorite Garland film, it's my favorite movie of all time! I just love this movie. It's the funniest old film I have seen. Judy plays Lily Mars, a young woman who won't let anything stop her from becoming successful on the Broadway stage. This means that she is quite willing to become an annoying pest for stage producer John Thornway (played by Van Helfin). Alot of the gags in this movie are corny, but they make me laugh nonetheless. The dialogue is extremely witty and it took a couple of viewings for me to fully appreciate some of it in certain scenes. Judy gets to show off lots of her phyical comedy skills, which I was surprised to discover she had! (Some of the things she does remind me of Lucille Ball, although I had to remember that "I Love Lucy" wasn't for another 8 years.) The songs and muscial numbers are beautiful and some are actually funny as well. They include "Tom, Tom the Piper's Son", "Every Little Movement", "When I Look At You" and the finale! Judy's comedic skills during some of these songs are wonderful. The film is simply a delight to me. A charming story with a charming heroine! :) If you watch any Garland film, let it be this one!! She is simply stunning in this film, she was at her physical peak during production and is most beautiful here. Lily Mars' attempt to make it big are well worth my recommending to see this film!! It's my favorite of all time. My favorite scenes include the party, Lily trying to enter the Thornway theater without permission and the few hilarious scenes of her attempts to act! The finale is wonderfully done as well.

Favorite Lines: "I know why you always treat me as a child. It's because you're afraid to think of me as a woman."
"You want me to live in an incubator and not to bother you."
"She just LOVES bubblegum!"
"Anytime you want to, you can imitate me."
Favorite Songs: "Tom, Tom the Piper's Son"
"Every Little Movement"
"When I Look At You" (the serious version!)


These movies have been recommended times.