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Strike Up The Band -1940

Another one of those "Hey Kids! Let's put on a show!" movies starring Judy and Mickey. This one is a favorite of mine moreso because of the musical numbers, rather than the script. The script is quite packed with saccharine and sentimentality that may be a bit much for the average viewer! However, Judy saves this picture with her awesome singing moments. Two particular scenes belong to her. The first is the great "La Conga" number in which she and Mickey sing and perform the "La Conga" at a massive school dance. Judy really gets into the song and looks so cute dancing in that festive costume she has! The second scene is a wistful torch song in a library. Judy seems a bit grumpy in this scene with her fellow students! However, I favor this scene because it shows Judy working in my job area (library assistant!). I think the plot centers a bit too much on Mickey Rooney's relationship with his mother. I mean, sitting in the kitchen talking about wanting a mother to be proud of her boy - blah blah. Lots of hugs all around and corny lines like, "Mom? I'm going to make you a queen." Sigh. Trust me, Judy saves the picture! Also, I have to say the United States flag waving finale is a bit much for this Canadian.

Favorite Lines - "I always have a wonderful time when I'm with Willie! Don't I?"
"Reminds me of a song! O What a Pal Was Mary!"
Favorite Songs - "Our Love Affair"
"I've Got Nobody (And Nobody's Got Me)"
"The La Conga"
Trivia - The fruit orchestra was created by Vincent Minnelli and this was 6 years before he and Judy got married and gave birth to Liza Minnelli.